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Little Buddies

Little Buddies

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Stop, Decontaminate and Listen!

Have you heard? Earbuds can get germy fast. Odds are, you pop those sweaty and grimy pods in your ears often. Without regular cleaning, dirt and earwax can build up which can impact sound quality and lead to ear infections. Sharing earbuds can also mean swapping fungus and bacteria. Ew, right? Stay clean with well-kept and don’t skip a beat. Sound good?



Contains: (3) x 3-in-1 cleaning pens (1) x pack of tech wipes - 15 count 

3-in-1 Cleaning Pen

  • Flocking Sponge- Show some love to your earbud case! Give it a good dusting and cleaning.
  • Silicone Nip - Eliminate pesky earwax and buildup.
  • High Density Soft Brush - Give your earbuds some TLC by removing the dust bunnies from their delicate mesh and tiny holes.

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