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Bhavana Crystal Bracelet | Lapis

Bhavana Crystal Bracelet | Lapis

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Introducing our exquisite Bhavana Crystal Bracelet- in Lapis, a stunning piece of jewelry that marries elegance with celestial wonder. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this bracelet features lapis lazuli beads paired with intricate gold links, culminating in a design that will leave you spellbound.

At the heart of this celestial beauty lies its most enchanting feature – the Moonphase Charm, personalized to display the moon's mesmerizing phase from your special date of choice. Whether it's your birthday, anniversary, or any other momentous occasion, you can carry the moon's ethereal glow from that unforgettable day, forever close to your heart.

The lapis lazuli beads, renowned for their deep, captivating blue hue, evoke the vast night sky, and with the gentle gleam of the gold links, they create a harmonious blend of colors that reflects the brilliance of a star-studded cosmos.

The adjustable clasp ensures a comfortable and secure fit, making it suitable for any wrist size. This bracelet is versatile enough to accompany you on all occasions, whether it's a grand gala, an intimate celebration, or simply a stroll beneath the moonlit sky.


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